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The strive for continuous improvement of our law firm is, for us, a constant priority, believing and following the philosophy that human resources are the greatest asset of any organization.

We invest heavily in the continuous training of our team, sponsoring and encouraging successive university degrees, along with the practical professional context.

We aspire not to be large in number but yet to be the very best in what we do.

We always favor the natural internal promotion, namely who begins his professional career with us while still in the internship phase, absorbing the principles and values on which we base the exercise of our activity and the discipline and accuracy that we put in everything we do.

This is also why we are a very close and remarkably united team, able to answer to all challenges that are put before us.

We are willing to invest in those who want to learn and grow with us, as part of our office and our team.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining our law firm, by sending your Curriculum Vitae accompanied by a letter of motivation to

Daniel Alves da Cunha
Hugo B. Alves
Diogo Rodrigues da Silva
Ana Hierro
Raquel Soares de Moura
Mónica Fernandes Moreira
Sara Figueiredo
Sara Gomes
Patrícia Pereira Carneiro
Patrícia Pedrosa Barbosa
Bruno Bessa
Catarina Silva Caetano
António Filipe Carneiro
Anna Leciak
Rute Cunha

Of Counsel / Consultores

Ruben Lísias Santos
Carlos Cunha
João Passos
João Gouveia Amaral
Armando Faria Menezes
Nuno Reis
Mariangela Zaglio
Andreia Rocha
Pedro Henrique de Moura
Ricardo Rodrigues
Bruno Santos
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